The Arnaboldi naval engineering office is a structure that offers highly specialized services in the field of luxury yachts and mega yachts – both dispacement and planning – in the field of military, fishing and work boats up to 100 of length.

Our services are addressed to shipyards, ship owners, sea captains, brokers and all those who require elevated level of technical experience for new constructions and refitting projects and consultation in purchasing and specialized technical surveys.

The Arnaboldi’s office has already developed more than one hundred projects with the most up-to-date construction technology and propulsion innovations. Therefore it can now be considered are of the leading offices in planning waterjet boats. Moreover waterjets have been implemented and made more functional thanks to Arnaboldi’s contribution and his angoing contacts with the major waterjets constructors.

In order to develop waterjet propulsion and to improve its interaction with the hull, this office built AB YACHTS shipyard, which has just become a member of FIPA group.

Mr Arnaboldi projected and built the first boat propelled by waterjet in the 80s when he worked for Picchiotti shipyard. This project was praised for the high performances obtained.
Mr Arnaboldi’s waterjet boat – 27 tones, 18 meters, 24° deadrise and two MTU 1300 hp engines complied with two Riva Calzoni waterjet – reached a maximun speed of 47 knots.

Azienda1The construction technology, the composite materials used not only in the hull construction, but also in the fitting out, the extensive application of structural adhesives, were tested and tried out in the building of AB YACHTS and have suice than been a point of reference for everyone in the field of shipbuilding.

As to military and pleaseure speed crafts, the office has developed wide experiences of research and optimization in the testing tank for the study of V hulls (20°/25°) combined with the waterjets.
The latest working in progress is the project of a 28 m. boat propelled by three waterjets, planned to reach a maximun speed of 65 knots.

The experience with materials in the field of the high speed have been applied to the construction of displacement boats with positive results of economy and weight saving.

In the 80s Mr Arnaboldi could carry out research in the field of very thin aluminium welding by means of pulsating arc. Moreover he planned and built off-shore in OP1 that won several important prizes in the following years.
The study of noise control and the antishock planning on the MARINA MILITARE boats were also completed in those years. These experiences were applied to the wide experience contemporary mega yachts, which established standards that many national and international shipyards are now proud to have nowadays.

All this is only a small part of what Mr Arnaboldi and his collaborators can do.