Fast passenger foil-assisted Catamaran SF40

Number of vessels built: 1

Techinical Specifications

LOA 41.0 m
Beam max 12.4 m
fully loaded at speed 1.2 m
at rest with retracted foils 1.7 m
at rest with foils in operational position 3.4 m
Service speed 55 kn.
Main engines MTU 12V 4000 M70 (4 x 1740 kW)
Propulsion MJP Waterjets Type 550 DD+DB
Gensets 2 x 70 kW / 80 kV*A
Range (34t deadweight; 55-kn. speed) 200 n.miles
Overall fuel consumption at service speed 1700 litres/h
Seakeeping up to 2 m significant wave height
at 100% MCR
Passenger capacity 330
(business & economy class cabins)
Deadweight: 35,000 kg
Fuel oil 10,000 litres
Fresh water 2,000 litres
Septic (Mini-compact sewage treatment) 800 litres
Foils: Two fully retractable hydraulically
controlled forward fully submerged foils
made of high-strength titanium alloy
Interceptors: Two hydraulically controlled transom interceptors
made of high-strength titanium alloy
Rudders: Two hydraulically controlled supplementary
rudders made of high-strength titanium alloy
providing great control improvement
Hull & Superstructure 1561 type high-quality
marine grade aluminium alloy
Classification DNV or equivalent