Fast patrol boat F300

Technical specifications

LOA 30.0 m
Beam max 5.7 m
Moulded depth 2.9 m
– at speed in foil-borne mode 1.0 m
– at rest with retracted foil 1.3 m
– at rest with foil in operational position 2.7 m
– max 50 kn
– continues, non-restricted ME operation 45 kn
– economical 35 kn
Main engines MTU 16V 2000 M84 (2 x 1630 kW)
Propulsion MJP Waterjets Type 450 DD
Gensets 2 x 72 kW
Range (35 kn) 900 n.miles
Endurance 3 days
Deadweight 13,000 kg
no ME power restriction up to 2.0 m SWH
stay at sea SS6
Crew: 15
single bed cabin 1
two-bed cabin 1
four-bed cabin 3

fuel oil 14,000 l
fresh water 2,000 l
septic (Mini-Compact system) 1,500 l
Foil & Interceptors Digital Control System FICS-3M1
Foils: One fully retractable hydraulically controlled
forward fully submerged foil made of highstrength
titanium alloy
Interceptors: Three hydraulically controlled transom
interceptors made of high-strength titanium alloy
Rudders: One hydraulically controlled supplementary
suspended rudder made of high-strength
titanium alloy providing great control improvement
Hull & Superstructure Marine grade aluminium alloy
Classification DNV or equivalent