Fast car-passenger Catamara H156

Il design è stato sviluppato in collaborazione con Marinteknik Design (Svezia)
Numero di navi costruite: 6

Specifiche Tecniche

LOA 54.5 m
Beam max 15.0 m
Molded depth 4.8 m
without RCS 2.2 m
with A-Foil mounted 2.8 m
Service speed 35 kn
Main engines MTU 16V 4000 M71 (4 x 2465 kW)
Propulsion MJP Waterjets Type 850 DD+DB
Gensets 2 x 180 kW / 225 кV*А
Range (120 т deadweight; 35 kn) 250 n.miles
Overall fuel consumption at service speed 2.500 litres/h
Seakeeping SS5 at 100% MCR
Passenger capacity 450 person
Cars (1200 kg) 48
Deadweight: 120.0 t
Tank capacities:
fuel oil 26.000 litres
fresh water 5.000 litres
septic 1.500 litres
Ride Control System:
Forward foil: two hydraulically controlled A-Foils
Interceptors: two hydraulically controlled
transom interceptors
Hull and superstrcure marine grade aluminum
alloys 5083 и 6082
Classification DNV or equivalent